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Okie Homesteading

Day 2 March 18th Whole Hog Workshop Ticket

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Day 2 tickets include free entry into day 3 expo. 

*Day 2 ticket sales are limited to 100 tickets, tickets go on sale Oct 1st noon CST*

Day 2 will take place at the Mayes County Fairgrounds in Pryor, Ok. This will be a private class of 100 people watching.

Each person will require a ticket on day 2, kids are not free for demonstration. 

Day Two  - At Fairgrounds

  • This demonstration will cover all the basics of pork processing and include cooking skills, curing, and preservation
  • Time 9:00 am 
  • We will commence by going through basic anatomy and why some parts of the pig are cooked and prepared in different ways based on the physiology of the animal. 
  • We will cover how to break the animal into easier-to-manage sections (primals).
  • From there we will break down each primal into American-style cuts… chops, roasts, ribs, belly for bacon, hams, hocks, and sausage.
  • While demonstrating how to break down the pig we will also discuss tools for the job, knives, saws, tables, etc.
  • We will set aside some cuts to cook during the session for samples. (pork chops, tenderloin)
  • Cured cuts will be set aside and we will talk about how to go about curing and why you should do it.
  • 12:00 Lunch - Break
  • We will continue the workshop on the  pig and talking about different options for each cut and what to do with the often underutilized things like extra fat, bones, and skin.
  • During the workshop we will also discuss storage options, how we butcher our pigs differently than others and why we do it the way we do it.
  • As we finish, we will open the floor to questions.
  • We will be done at 3 or 4 pm