Ben & Andrea Vinson - VW Family Farm

Ben & Andrea Vinson - VW Family Farm
Ben, Andrea, Lane, and Emily Vinson started VW Family Farm as a way to replace some food from the grocery store. It all began when Ben walked into a health food store in 2012 desperate for help with some health problems he had had for years.

The owner at the time talked to him about a clean diet, specifically pork, and directed him to a local pasture/grass based farm. That began a friendship between the families and led to the beginning of VW Family Farm. Ben's health problems cleared up almost immediately as gut health and the power of food was addressed.

What began as a "guy walking into a health food store" has grown into more than they could ever imagine.
Today, they are raising, not only all of their own protein, but they sell to the community and ship all over the US.
Lane and Emily have been employed part time their entire teenage years and have learned the value of hard work and commitment.

They have also documented their entire farm/homestead journey on their YouTube channel, VW Family Farm.

They are committed to regenerative agriculture and pasture raised animals. They try to raise their beef and pork out in the fresh air and sunshine the way it was meant to be.
They are not only raising healthy meat, they are healing the land too.

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