Colby & Misty McMorris -The Mac's & The Mac's Life

Colby & Misty McMorris -The Mac's & The Mac's Life

We are a homesteading family of 8 who loves the Lord and has a passion to serve others. From deep within south Mississippi, we farm sheep, pigs, dairy and beef cattle, poultry (meat birds, laying hens, ducks and turkeys), rabbits and Italian honeybee apiaries. 

We pride ourselves in growing as much of our own food as possible having multiple gardens, raised beds, a greenhouse and caterpillar tunnel. 

We have spent many hours reading/studying and attending classes on the best ways to persevere our harvest. Several of the ways we enjoy are using our smoke house, dehydrating, fermenting, freeze drying, hot water bath and pressure canning. 

We have also been homemaking cold process lye soap for nearly ten years. 

Sharing our journey with others, we hope to encourage others along the way, teaching the things we know while learning the things we don’t, striving to be good stewards of what’s gifted to us, maintaining a goal of sustainability and to live a life of satisfaction being happy and content here on our farm. 





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