Tammy Flynn - Keystone Farms

Tammy Flynn - Keystone Farms
Tammy Flynn Keystone Farms speaker Okie Homesteading Expo 2024
As the owner of Keystone Farms, Tammy Flynn has been striving to improve the planet’s soil one garden at a time. Keystone Farms is a vermiculture farm near the beautiful Keystone Lake in central Oklahoma. As a teenager, Tammy fell in love with all things gardening, with raising and selling strawberries being her first professional endeavor.

This love was sustained by having a garden and plants at home throughout her life. When Oklahoma expanded in cannabis legalization, Tammy saw a prime opportunity to pursue her love of gardening again. This didn’t hit the spot, so she began exploring soil life through worms and castings.

Tammy has found another love of hers with Keystone Farms, and that’s educating people on the benefits of vermicomposting for the soil and the garden. Helping people set up their own vermicomposting is the latest passion for Tammy.
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