Stewart & Ashley Clouse - Restoration Farms

Stewart & Ashley Clouse - Restoration Farms
Steward and Ashley with Restoration Farms Speakers Okie Homesteading Expo 2024

Stewart and Ashley grew up in rural Nebraska, spent 10 years in the big city of Dallas, RVed full-time for 3 years as a family, and after searching for a long time we decided to look in Oklahoma, and we're so glad we did. Our farm is located in the foothills of the Ozarks in the Green Country region of Oklahoma and it lives up to its name! We came to tour it and fell in love. That was almost four years ago. We've been using permaculture or regenerative farming practices to restore our land, and we hope you enjoy our progress and can catch our vision for what is possible. We love sharing the abundance of the special place we get to steward and what we are learning here with others.

We are a small, family farm…that is a small farm, large family. We are a dozen in all! Stewart works off the farm part-time and loves to play piano, good music of all kinds, and especially math. He is always learning and loves teaching and using mathematics to more deeply understand whatever he’s working on. Ashley stays home full-time with the kiddos. She loves reading, cooking, working outside, plants and flowers, and talking or playing games. She has always been a wildcrafter and herbalist. We got married almost 18 years ago adding 10 kiddos along the way. Our children are an integral part of the farm, and all have their own ventures that they’re working on their own.

We love inviting people to join us on the farm for tours, classes, and field trips to see the progress and learn along with us. Because family is so important to us we’ve strived to make our farm and all we do family friendly.




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