Pilgrim's Heart Homestead

Pilgrim's Heart Homestead
Pilgrim's Heart Homestead is a family owned farm and cottage industry. It was born out of 3 young girls' love of all things farming. A love that was placed in their herts by their late grandmother. From raising goats to chickens, gardening and stitching frocks.

In the summer of 2022, our family of 7 made the move from a small town in Arizona where we previously raised Mini Nubian dairy goats for 6 years, and started our farm in Langley, Oklahoma, where we now raise Standard Nubian dairy goats, chickens, and guinea fowl. We also incubate and sell chicks and guinea keets, along with selling fresh goats milk from our farm.

Pilgrin's Heart Homestead Speaker Okie Homesteading Expo 2024

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