Megan Hight - Living The Hightlife

Megan Hight - Living The Hightlife
Megan Hight with Living the Hightlife speaker Okie Homesteading Expo 2024

Megan Hight is passionate about helping other homesteaders learn how to raise rabbits. Megan knows rabbits can provide families with a sustainable meat source and help them become less reliant on commercial products. She has focused on breeding rabbits that thrive on a diet that is grown in the garden and foraged in the wild. Megan also teaches others this skill to help relieve some of the financial burden they may suffer due to the inflation of grocery prices.

Megan is the author of The Homesteader’s Guide to Raising Rabbits, Feeding Meat Rabbits for Free, Homecooked Rabbit, and The Rabbit Log Book. She is the creator behind the social media presence Living the Hight Life. Through her books and social media accounts, Megan has taught thousands of individuals how to raise, breed, and process rabbits in a family-centered manner


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