Justin Scott - Sweet Stingers Honey & Apiary

Justin Scott - Sweet Stingers Honey & Apiary

I am a 2nd generation beekeeper sharing the world of bees with people around the world and with my 2 kids Lexi and Lucas, who are 3rd generation beekeepers. We professionally manage bees for people who want or need bees around without wanting to be a beekeeper. We manage colonies all across Oklahoma. As far as we know, we are the only operation in the state with active hives in all 6 regions. We provide professionally managed hives for residential backyards, homesteads, ranches, farmers, and even rooftops, businesses, and corporations for those who would like bees around. We manage over 500 colonies on over 85 properties statewide and continue to grow. 

We believe in small harvests and small apiaries. Our focus is having honey bees working alongside our valuable native bees, not large honey yields, lots of feeding, treatments, or creating mono-crops of honey bees. We are known by the locals as the Oklahoma backyard beekeepers. While we enjoy keeping bees, education is a high priority of Sweet Stingers. We are also known for our almost daily education across our FB and IG accounts, Lessons from the Beehive. We are also starting up YouTube to share videos of our world of bees. Our style is not the norm, and we are perfectly fine with that. When we are not in hives or sharing our little world of bees, we are usually watching our kids on the soccer field, enjoying nature, hiking, and camping 

🚩 Instagram: https://instagram.com/sweetstingersok?igshid=OTJlNzQ0NWM=

🚩YouTube: https://youtube.com/@sweetstingers2259

🚩Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sweetstingers?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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