James Turnbow - Hompvks Ce Farm

James Turnbow - Hompvks Ce Farm

James Turnbow is a Citizen of the Seminole Nation and lifelong resident of Oklahoma. He belongs to the Snake clan and grew up in Konawa, OK where his father and uncles taught him to live with the land and harvest the bounties of nature. From a young age he learned how to forage, hunt, and fish to provide food using the traditional techniques of the Seminole people. 

Today, he works as a software developer for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and is a freelance writer. He works to manage Hompvks Ce (It's time to eat) farm with Samantha where they raise pigs, chickens, goats, and ducks. James processes and butchers all the animals they raise for meat on location at their farm using the methods his father taught him.  


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