Dr. Diane Dickinson - Shepherd's Cross

Dr. Diane Dickinson - Shepherd's Cross

Dr. Diane Dickinson was born and raised on a diversified farm, and has been a part of the agricultural and veterinary community in Northeast Oklahoma for four decades. She holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture from O.S.U.

Dr. Dickinson, affectionately nick-named Dr. D., has a unique perspective of animal husbandry that includes livestock producer, veterinarian, small flock production, commercial herd production, global agriculture, Biblical agriculture, homesteading, sustainable living, natural production, agritourism, homesteading and niche markets.

She and her husband Peter have shepherded a flock of sheep on their family farm "Shepherd's Cross" for several decades. In addition, they raise or have raised livestock guardians, goats, cattle, alpacas, donkeys, and horses. Peter and Diane raised their family on this family farm. Her experience with sheep has run the gamut from nomadic flocks, to modern agricultural flocks. Dr. Dickinson, began earnestly studying sheep and the relationship of the sheep and the shepherd upon graduation from veterinary school in 1984. Peter and Dr. Diane established Heart of the Shepherd, a non-profit organization (a 501-C3), concurrently with Shepherd's Cross.

Dr. D. has visited countless nations with her family, studying the sheep and shepherds of the world. She teaches Small Ruminant Animal Husbandry locally and internationally.

Her heart's desire is to visit the shepherds of the world to learn more about Biblical, global, and historical shepherding and to live out the commission given by the Lamb of God: "Go into all the nations and teach them about the Lamb of God and the Chief Shepherd. I will be with you."




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