Daniel Arms - Arms Family Homestead - 2024 Emcee

Daniel Arms with Arms Family Homestead Emcee Okie Homesteading Expo 2024

Daniel Arms from Arms Family Homestead is a full time social media creator and farmer who left his full time career as an Oklahoma State Trooper in 2020. Daniel and his wife DeJay live on their 110 acre family farm in Southern Oklahoma. They have been growing and raising their own homegrown food since 2011. Daniel and DeJay have 3 children: Weston, EmmaLee, and Houston. When they aren’t spending time caring for the farm animals also including DeJays weird herd of mini donkeys and alpacas, they love to spend time in the outdoors hunting and fishing.

DeJay has also started her own YouTube channel called Do Your Best where she shares life with her donkeys and stories of what it’s like to be a full time mom and business owner.








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