Cassie Walker - Walker Farm Fam - Emcee & Speaker

Cassie Walker - Walker Farm Fam - Emcee & Speaker
Cassie - Walker Farm Fam

Cassie Walker was born and raised on a farm. Her family has farmed in Oklahoma for over 50 years. She currently lives on a 60 acre homestead with her husband, Gary. On their farm, they raise their three children, a garden, cattle, goats, donkeys, alpacas, chickens, sheep, and you never know what else Cassie will drag home! God called them to foster and adopt over 10 years ago and it's a major part of their journey. 


Along the way, Cassie grew an interest in adding more chickens to their farm. Cassie began hatching and raising multiple breeds that have helped her family become more self-sufficient. She is excited to share the practical knowledge she has gained to help you start or grow your own backyard flock. She can't wait to meet you in March!

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