Bob Scudder - Promthrean Forge

Bob Scudder - Promthrean Forge

Bob with Promethean Forge

Bob Scudder has been a hobbyist blacksmith for 22 years. He began in 2001 by apprenticing with Ron Woodruff (Wolfe City Forge) in Wolfe City, Texas. After learning the basics, Bob honed his skills at historic Civil War reenactments and living history as a member of the 173rd NYSVI out of Austin, Texas. Many of the items you make for these events are for the encampments or equipment (like heat treating a cannon worm for an artillery piece), and making rudimentary tools. 

In 2005, Bob and his Wife Kathleen moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma where he taught introduction to blacksmithing classes at the Stillwater Multi-arts Center (rebranded as the Prairie Arts Center) for several years and participated in the Stillwater Arts Festival. As a blacksmith, he doesn’t specialize in one skill or type of item (like bladesmithing), he works in several forms of media (steels, alloys) and with various fuels (propane, coal, coke, wood) to teach and form his pieces. Come visit with him about getting started in what can become a lucrative way for your homestead to set itself apart.

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