Allie Jones - Spring Fed Family Farms

Allie Jones - Spring Fed Family Farms

Allie is the main pig girl at Spring Fed Family Farms, a family-owned and operated small farm in Bristow, Oklahoma, focused on nourishing the mind, body, and soil. She practices holistic land management with an emphasis on animal and farmer well-being because happy farmers raise happy animals, and happy pigs make better bacon. Allie rotationally grazes heritage breed pigs, through pastures and woods, farrow to finish, letting them root, graze, and be as nature intended.

Through her journey from postpartum depression to being introduced to the concept of food as medicine and becoming a passionate advocate for regenerative agriculture, Allie had discovered her true calling. She had found a way to combine her love for animals, her desire to heal herself and others, and her commitment to sustainable living.

"People often ask how I can be a farmer and an animal lover. My response is that people are going to eat pork regardless. My job is to offer a product that honors the nature of the pig, regenerates the environment, and nourishes the consumer. Every pig I raise, I know I'm saving from the conventional model of factory farming and giving them a chance to live a life just as nature intended," says Allie, The Pig Girl.

Spring Fed Family Farms' mission is to educate, empower, and equip families with the knowledge and products needed to nourish and flourish.

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